Monday, August 22, 2011

Optimize Windows 7 without Software

We sometimes annoyed when our laptop computer or slow performance. Based on his own experience, I would like to share a trick or a laptop computer to increase performance. Please try this trick:

1. Registry Tweaking
On the Desktop Click [Start] > [Run] > [Regedit] > [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] > [Control Panel] > [Desktop], Search String Value [MenuShowDelay], do double click on the String value to change its value (I used to fill the number 99). Then restart your computer or laptop.

2. Turn off Visual Effects are less important
Right click on [Computer] > [Properties] > [Advanced System Settings]. In the [Performance Section] click [Settings]. Select [Custom], remove all check marks except on the options enabled aero peek, enabled desktop composition, Show thumbnails instead of icons, Slide open combo boxes, Smooth edges of screen fonts and Smooth-scroll list boxes. Click Apply and OK.

3. Turn off all the Automatic Update feature (both the automatic update feature of Windows and application software that is attached).
Right click on [Computer] > [Properties] > [Windows Update] > [Change Settings]. [Important updates] on the select never check for updates (not recommended). Then click OK. Also, turn off all the features updates on all the software installed (in different ways, looking at the settings menu of each software).

4. Run a Defragmentation on the Hard Drive
Select [Start] > [All Programs] > [Accessories] > [System Tools] > [disk defragmenter]. Choose one of the drives and then click [Defragment].

5. Turn off unnecessary applications run at startup.
Select [Start] > type "msconfig" press [Enter] > Click on the [Startup] > uncheck unnecessary applications run at startup. Click OK.

6. Disable unneeded services
Select [Start] > type "Services" (without ") > press [Enter]. Right click on a service that would be disabled and then click [Properties]. Click the [Disabled] if we want the service do not always run at the windows turned on, or click [Stop] to turn it off. Click [OK].

7. Do not install the Gadget on the desktop.
Select [Start] > [Control Panel] > [Programs] > [Turn Windows Features on or off] > uncheck "Windows Gadget Platform" > Click [OK].

*** A few trick from me, hopefully be useful ***

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